We know every android product and manufacturer on the market

After years of selling android headunits and different car stereo, We basicly know all about the android market. we know the ups and downs of every manufacturer and their product, we know the strengths and weakness of all products and the specific hardware they use and why the manufacturer has chosen that hardware.

This makes us able to answer you what product you should chose, why you should chose it and what you will need to use that product. We have learned from experience what products on the market to avoid.


We are truly dedicated to finding the absolute best units out there. Something which we believe we have.

All our units are chosen because we know the manufacturer can deliver on their promise. On XDA all the brands we list are always ranked highest in terms of quality.

We develop software, fine tune android and make our units run much better than any competing products.

Gone are the days where you buy a chinese headunit just to find out some of the apps do not work, or the map is three years old. Or that the unit has bugs that get in the way of using the unit as you want to.

We develop and test Android and different software, All our units will always be updated and have multiple launchers for your chosing pre-installed.


Software like DAB+, Internet radio, spotify navigation and much more come preinstalled.

Our units are rooted. This gives you absolute control of your units and allows it to be faster and with much less bloatware. Tests show our units can be up to 50% faster when running our custom Android 8.0 rom compared to the standard Android 8.0

Viper4Android is preinstalled on Android 8.0 units. This gives you 30% higher volume and much more control of your cars sound.


We are dedicated to giving the best support out there.

We want you to feel happy after a purchase, even when something is wrong. We will try our best to solve any problems that might happen, No matter what! Thats why we have a better warranty, return and technical knowledge than any other out there.

Remember to check out our wiki page for more detailed information